Life Glimpses * 1

Our “public” life … the one that we broadcast on various social media platforms is not usually all that public.  I was listening to a broadcast last night regarding the sharing of our lives on social media and the speaker commented on what if we shared real life.  What would that look like?  It is a topic often discussed and usually ends up with the same result … we don’t really know, because as human beings we aren’t that interested in putting our nitty gritty details out there.  We want to share, and see, the highlights of life.  The pretty, pinterest worthy moments.

There are about 4 blogs that I read regularly and the posts that resonate the strongest with me are usually the ones where they are sharing random pictures from their day, week, etc.  It is always intriguing to me to see a glimpse of the world in which they live.  To see the person behind the beautiful crochet work (two of the blogs I follow are written by talented crocheting women), the magazine worthy house (a home decorating blog), and the interesting college professor (who has incredible artistic abilities). And so, here is a glimpse into my week … not always shrouded in grief …

Not-so-baby curls

Not-so-baby curls

I always dreamed of having a baby with curly hair (not a far fetched dream, as my husband had beautiful blond curly hair as a baby/toddler).  My oldest son has extremely straight hair.  My middle son has hair that has a mind of it’s own.  And then my Patrick.  Ahhh … those curls!!  But his hair was getting a bit out of control, so today was haircut day.  I snapped this photo yesterday to be able to remember those sweet curls.  And shhh …. but I may have teared up a smidge while I trimmed his hair today!

Our sweetly tiny baby girl.

Our sweetly tiny baby girl.

This week has had many beautiful moments laced with many, many very lonely, sad moments.  From my bottom dresser drawer, where I keep everything that relates to Abigail, I finally removed the photo book that our photographer had lovingly made for us.  We had looked through it when she first sent it to us and it was so beautiful.  So painful to look at.  It went into that drawer and stayed there for 4 months.  This week I decided that maybe there would be comfort found in its pages.  This page reminds me of how tiny she was.  How delicate.  How like an angel.

Lego creations interrupted by bedtime.

Lego creations interrupted by bedtime.

And then this is what I found the night that I took out Abigail’s photo book.  Somehow my boys managed to get to bed without cleaning up their creative work.  Such a hot mess.  But such a sweet reminder of the busy little boys that I was chosen to mother.  Remember that beauty in the dawn that I always talk about?  Sometimes it is as simple as piles of Lego.

Afternoon delight ... being read to by my oldest.

Afternoon delight … being read to by my oldest.

Somewhere in the midst of the upheaval of the last few months, Terence learned how to read.  He exemplifies the adage that he will learn when he is ready!  Now most days find us curled up on the couch while he reads to me.  This week he read about the history of London and about the Titanic.  Next week he has chosen a book about the Ancient Greeks and another of a fictional account of a family moving westward across the prairies.  Can you tell which of my boys enjoys history?


Excited about trash clean up

And one last picture … because seriously, check out Patrick.  He has entered the “will he ever take a normal picture again” phase … and I have to say that there have been some really humorous ones lately.  His Star Wars fighter stance in this picture is among the best … can you come up with a fun caption for this picture?

May life show you it’s beauty in the coming week.


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