Pretty Easy Face / Dish Cloth + Free Tag Download


Pretty Easy face / dish cloth

I love having a crochet project on the go that is easy to pick up, does not require a lot of concentration for the pattern and that I get results from quickly.  A face / dish cloth always fits the bill.  I am going to share a tutorial for my favorite version today.  It has a beautifully scalloped border when it’s finished – all in one piece – no picking up of stitches around the cloth to make a border!  Sounds good to me 🙂

PLEASE NOTE:  I do not, in any way, claim to have created this pattern.  I found a variation of it somewhere on the internet and modified it to suit my needs.  


All ready for gifting.

At the end of the tutorial, I have a pdf of a tag that you can print off for your own cloths.  The care instructions and fiber content are printed on the back.  They are the same size as the tags pictured above, however, I put a pretty floral picture on them and left off the “Happy Mother’s Day” so that you can use them for whatever occasion you would like.  Also, I obviously took my name off of them 🙂 and left it blank so you can sign your name on each tag.  My talent in life is definitely not graphic design, but I hope you can use and enjoy them!


Basket full of spring cheer.

So pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, or tea, grab your crochet hook (I use a J / Size 10 / 6mm hook – I also crochet quite tightly, so you may want to go down a hook size), about 32-40 grams of 100% cotton yarn (amount of yarn needed will depend on the finished size of your cloth and how tight/loose you crochet.  And my favorite cotton yarn is Bernat Handicrafter) and let’s get started.

NOTE:  This pattern is worked in increments of 4, so add or subtract 4 chains to make the size you would prefer.


Chain just waiting for it’s destiny.

Chain 36 (I chain 35 because although I crochet tightly, apparently I do not chain tightly and so I find that the standard 3 chains to equal 1 double crochet is too long for me.  Therefore I chain 2 to equal 1 double crochet).


First cluster stitch completed. Looks a bit like a blue blob – haha!

Turn and double crochet (DC) into the 4th chain from the hook (3rd if you are like me).  Chain 2 and then single crochet in the same chain.


Second cluster stitch completed. Looks more like a blue alligator’s head to me now.

Skip the next 3 chain spaces and in the 4th chain space crochet two double crochets, chain 2 and then single crochet into the same chain space.


Progressing along the initial chain. Starting to look like it has potential.

Continue the pattern across the chain as above.  (Skip 3 chain and then DC, DC, Ch 2, SC into the 4th chain).


First row completed.

Chain 3 (2 if you are like me) and turn.  The chain 3 counts as the first double crochet, in the cluster pattern, for the first cluster of each row.


First cluster of second row. Looks a bit like a worm rising out of the ground. Hmmm.

From now on you are going to work the cluster stitches into the chain 2 spaces from the previous row.  For row 2, in the first chain 2 space, work one double crochet, chain 2 and single crochet in the same chain 2 space.  In the next chain 2 space complete a cluster (DC, DC, ch 2, SC).  Continue across the row.



At the end of the row, chain 2 and turn and complete as detailed for Row 2.  Complete as many rows as required to make your cloth square.  My standard is 18 rows.  Starting with 36 (35 for me) chains and 18 rows usually results in a 8″ square cloth.  Even among the same brand of cotton yarn, I find that some colorways will make a bit larger or a bit smaller cloth.

NOTE: The initial chain does not count as a row.


All finished!

And here’s the pattern condensed:

1.  Chain 36.

2.  Turn and double crochet into the 4th chain from your hook.  Chain 2 and single crochet in same chain space.  Skip 3 chains and make a cluster stitch (DC, DC, Ch 2, SC) into the 4th chain space.  Continue across chain to end.  Chain 3, turn.

3.  For row 2 and onward:  you will now be working the cluster stitch into the chain 2 spaces from the previous row.  (DC, Ch 2, SC) into the first chain 2 space (remember your chain 3 from the end of the previous row counts as the first double crochet in the first cluster).  Continue working a cluster stitch into each chain 2 space across.  Chain 3, turn.

4.  When your cloth is the desired size, tie off and darn the ends in.  Tie a pretty tag around it and give it away.  Or keep it to pamper yourself.  Or wash your dishes with it.  Or your friend’s dishes … actually if you are going to do that, want to come wash mine?  🙂

Free tag for download.

Tags for hand / dish cloth

Now for the free tags.  A couple of notes … make sure you have your printer set to print “Actual Size” and if you would like the care information printed on the back of your tags, choose to print on both sides of the paper by flipping on the “short side” (if your printer has duplex / double-sided printing capabilities).  Otherwise, you will need to feed the paper back into your printer to print the second side.  As all printers are different, these are general guidelines.  Enjoy!

Who do you plan to give your finished cloth to?  Would you be interested in a season specific tag?


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