Do we really know?

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Earlier this week, if you had encountered me, you would have met a woman with downcast eyes, slumped shoulders and a smile that couldn’t quite make it to the surface.  If you had bumped into me that day, you would not have recognized me.  Usually my eyes happily meet each person I pass … there is always a smile just waiting to come out to brighten someone’s day.  But that day, I couldn’t produce any of that.  First impressions would have tagged me as unapproachable, maybe … sullen … irritated … disconnected … defiant.

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Hope is a loaded word


Sonogram of Baby #5


On Mother’s Day 2015 I received some news that I desperately wanted to hear, and completely didn’t want to accept, at the same time.  I found out that I am expecting our fifth baby.  Let me explain my contradictory feelings … I love babies.  I rarely pass by a baby that I don’t smile at the wonder of their sweetness and creation.  I love to hold babies … to snuggle them and smell their “babyness”.  I have been thoroughly excited each time that the test showed me a positive result.  And have loved those baby moments that followed.

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