Our Angel Sebastian

And one year to the day, we were given results from Baby Sebastian’s ultrasound that sadly mimic Abigail’s diagnosis. I had an ultrasound done on Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 and it showed that my amniotic fluid levels were in the 2.5 percentile (0 is none).  There were other concerns that needed to be confirmed by more detailed ultrasounds at the specialist hospital.

On August 11, 2015, I had that appointment and they confirmed that Sebastian does not have either of his kidneys or the arterial support for them. At this point his amniotic fluid is at 1%. I have an incredible medical team that will be supporting me throughout this pregnancy. Our Sebastian is due January 4th, however it is very unlikely that he will go to full term and more likely to arrive at the 36-37 week mark, as did Abigail.

Life rarely goes the way that we plan for it and challenges and pain will come that we feel so unprepared for. BUT. There is a large “but” needed there because in the midst of those challenges and pain, there is incredible beauty. Incredible love and compassion and gifts. They may seem very small, while being overshadowed by your grief, but I encourage you to search for them.

Remember, there is incredible beauty in the dawn that follows the darkest of nights.

As with Abigail, I not only posted on here, but also on Facebook as I knew this time, from experience, that I truly needed my family and friends to walk on this path with me. I strongly believe that life experiences have the potential to not only change ourselves, but also those around us, if we are willing to share our journey and the lessons we learn. And therefore, I am continuing to share my journey in hopes that it can help someone, somewhere, sometime. This page contains my Facebook posts, in order, from July 30th, 2015 to present time.


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